WaterPayless has proved to be efficient and trusted by the most reputable companies in North America, including Burger King (Chula Vista, CA). In April 2016 our customer registered a saving percentage of 69% in the results of their volumetric tests concerning their respective water equipment and devices.


Around the world, 1 in 10 people lack access to safe drinking water and 663 million people spend their daily lives without this liquid in clean conditions. It is in our hands to begin to be part of the change and create a sustainable culture with small changes that we generate in our day to day and this is a better way in home care to be hygienic and healthy. The invention of WaterPayless was born thanks to the analysis of a basic principle of physics, which is the principle of bernoullis. Of the immense applications that we have given to this principle as a society such as flying, chimneys, atomizers, automobile carburetors and in our case water pipes.

We realized that we could create a fairly simple device that is applicable to our daily lives and allows us to save water without even realizing it, thanks to the principle of bernoulli that affirms in basic terms that by reducing the space of the exit of a liquid reduces the fluid pressure but at the same time increases the speed of the water stream.